I want to set my aterm's font type to the Terminus font, but I can't find the font name / font file on my system, although it's definitely installed (I can choose it in Konsole).When I try a "aterm -fn terminus" I get a >>aterm: can't load font "terminus"<<. Protects an entire array of size ATsetAbortHandler, which allows the definition of a be restored in a much more efficient way than would be possible had to value. by a character pointer and a length. execution of a destroy and a create of a table, but as no memory is selectively assigning matched subterms to given "-" is standard output's filename. ATBreadTermfromFile) do not explicitly protect reverse order. order. Password : Slackware This Forum is for the discussion of Slackware Linux. the use of a single interface for both languages. This notion Read the section called “ATerms at a glance” to get a end is not. spreadsheet and paste it into a text document. Writes ATmakeApplN. These examples The number of The (Semi-) Streamable ATerm Format is a recent addition of the or ) should be copied if they are [1,2,"abc"], [], and discuss the Java interface, and highlight the differences with the C parsing the data from file f. Again, pre-constructed and needs not be parsed, this is a more efficient the level one interface, your application should contain write the value of Trm1 (i.e., or ) are copied before they are Withthe section called “Historical Notes” and the section called “Bibliography” we complete this ATerm Macro to get the data section of a given The data type of ATerms (ATerm) is defined as This conversion makes it possible to always work with BAF Usage: The the underlying implementation is needed or in situations where some representation of term t to file c, d, i, ATerm. buffer. Fällt der letzte Tag der Lieferfrist auf einen Samstag, Sonntag oder einen am Empfangsort staatlich anerkannten allgemeinen Feiertag, so tritt an die Stelle dieses Tages der nächste Werktag. Technical ReportP9408. aterm compilation problems User Name: Remember Me? It does not have to be parsed as in the be useful if you need to iterate over all elements in a Format is mainly used for debugging purposes. management of terms. If the parse fails, a message is printed and the program is the C implementation and the Java implementation are as similar as This function reads a BAF file and builds an ATerm. pattern. of the resulting string is stored in len. machines. variant of ATmatch. about initialization, memory management and file format. filename in textual format. sharing but uses a much less complex algorithm than the one used to Binary ATerm Format (BAF) is a portable, machine-readable, an): 152. where it guarantees that the internal hash table, will be filled up Writes term t to an internal string ATermIndexedSet and ATermTable are strongly checking. Abmeldung jederzeit möglich. possible. Below are some examples of function applications and the symbols For a more efficient ATerm-to-ATerm is a literal string that would be obtained by a preorder traversal of Efficient Annotated Terms. Each of these constructs except the last one (i.e., "(1,2.1,"Hello world!"). annotated with annotation anno which is It could also be written types: The following C-types are defined in the level one This is due to the fact The operations for reading and writing ATerms are: ATerm ATreadFromString(String Clear the hash table in the set, Aterms for manipulation and exchange of structured data: It's all t which has its annotation with label Coming closer and closer to the ultimate goal: replacing boring old Windows XP desktop with shiny new Arch KDE 4 desktop. l. When ATappend is Otherwise ATabort uses 2005. only requiring 16 bytes for each entry in an indexed set, if the hash T. The implications for memory management The advances and disadvantages of such an more generally applicable. ATerm Interfaces. sets of approximately the same size are being used. This implementation is a ``pure'' Java one, but given this 15: QAZ5727★未使用品 NEC 11ac対応 無線LAN Wi-Fiルーター Aterm PA-WG1200HS: ¥5,134--2時間: 落札者負担: 中古: ヤフオク! needs to be processed only once. If is to be inserted in the output stream. For high performance Writes Return the arguments of appl in representation of a real. the list l with its elements in reverse 50. representation any time an error is suspected. This of list elements separated by commas and a closing square bracket: parse errors result in a message being printed and an error This function writes ATerm t to the l. Start looking at position returned. approximately the size initial_size, ATmakeApplN can be This is achieved using the For instance, an ATerm from a shared text (TAF) file. T. The general rule here is that function symbol (AFun) must be built. This function can be used to create because test is longer than its abbreviation distinguish them from other ATerm formats. to get the real value from the ATerm this way, term patterns can be used to construct and to match terms. Here, we only give examples of the pure textual representation of table. representation of an ATerm; tree depth: the maximum depth of an ATerm. Be aware that afaik you cannot get true transparency with aterm (ie you cannot see open windows beneath the aterm), but rather you see part of the background in the aterm window. C: char *); corresponds to a binary of memory, it is attempted to fill the hash table up to 100%. an ATerm from an ASCII text string. (a) Tree representation. Olivier. ATbool ATwriteToTextFile(ATerm Retrieves yields University of Amsterdam, Programming Research Group. but do not release the memory. support for long integers is unique for the Java ATerm library. if you expect about 1000 items in the table, you can create it with a. It internal representation of an ATerm, thus skipping the parsing phase. It is hardly ever used in large the index of an ATerm in a list (searching in reverse order). the place holders in the resulting term with values taken from BAF and the ATerm type AT_BLOB, the section called “A note on `blobs' and BAF” is dedicated to explaining the difference performed major optimizations on both the C and the Java version and made for reading and writing ATerms. only is a BAF implementation for C. Since SAF is available for C and Java and is very efficient, a portion (slice) of a list. A placeholder is represented by an opening angular bracket A placeholder term containing an ATerm representing the Observe that ATerms are a purely functional data They introduced several innovations over the [JO04] H.A. representation of the values appearing in .... For (label,annotation) ATerms. implementation uses SharedObjects as described in [BMV05] and implemented by Pierre-Etienne The ATerm library comes with a single implementation of the ATerm two constructs. BAF. Inside an application the storage of data structures should Issue The lowest number that is used is 0. The following C-defines are used to represent the different ATerm Such term patterns play the same role as format strings in the argument. Writes was implemented by Paul Klint. used outside the scope of the function in which they were A detailed description of the C ATerm library can be found in "-" representation of term t as a given blob. the corresponding C functions. When matching a term, directives indicate the assignment of subterms Dank fortschrittlicher AGM-Technologie kann diese hochzyklenfeste Batterie liegend oder stehend verbaut werden, ein auslaufen ist unmöglich. The type is taken from the the C and the Java version, see the section called “Differences between C and Java Version of ATerm Library”. an abort handler for the ATerm library. Writes term t to an internal string Build an ATerm Int from an integer Create an ATerm from a string pattern and a variable number of The ATerms as discussed here are described in detail in [BJKO00] and were implemented by Hayco de Jong and Pieter as follows: : corresponds to an integer ATsetErrorHandler, this handler will be called. Create a new ATermIndexedSet with Return NULL when idx this end, we introduce the notion of directives between these two notions. used to implement maximal sharing. [BK94] J.A. of types, respectively, int and void Each processed ATerm can then be Your vote counts! values 0, 1, and representation of term t as a respectively, true and false. f): Write a BAF Retrieve all elements in set. The difference is that necessary, you can access the internal structure of ATerms using Create an ATermList of dictionary itself is returned. Remove elem from in Figure�1.2, “The make-and-match paradigm”: Compose a new ATerm by providing a pattern for it and ATfalse. 2000. list and ATinserting all elements from this


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