0000005905 00000 n $B$b$H$b$H1U>=$rI=(B $BBhFs0z?t$,(B true $B$@$H(B ack $B$rJV$9(B. 0000024132 00000 n 0000298411 00000 n updated on Nov 12, 2014. For example the code below creates an I2C device for a device with address 0x70: At this point the I2CDevice instance is ready for reading and writing simple 8 and 16 bit values from registers. This guide was first published on Nov 12, 2014. 使い方は int OpenDevice(char *= null) デバイスを開くする. ftdi製のft232hを搭載し、usbからgpio、spi、i2cへ変換する基板です。 マルチプロトコル同期シリアルエンジン(mpsse)により、spiやi2c通信を利用することが可能です。 �a��o�VXaxV[sX���Y�C�:���T:4�s�b"F�N#���W�Gr��(Sc`�������xnWZ��J4^�E+'��K�1�w�|�d�(%��3�$�d g�L�Qk"�L�9SEsI�x�F���9�f� ���1�5�f��ͬ�`����� C�C&٬֔�՚��ZsfNk`紦�l�!S|Vk��j ,�2o紦���!��tA�Y���,]�n�.6K���F��cf�q�t��Y�`�,]�r�.X=K�����[�*�9�肌ds\܇��n�;Ԭ�glZu:�W"t��u%]2cg���tk���Ը5�J�q�αʀ����g���d�dc�Kɦ��j��Ȧ��^��v�����,���d���'nw?Yp�{ɢ��O��~��v�����,�ݽd���'nw?Yp��ɂ��O��~��v��E���L�҅�v���Y���^��v���Y���~23K���K��~2>K���O�g�Bt����]���l-t��մ�M{��d���'t�l�AdɃ.���f��q $B8+N)$FD>@\(B PC $B$+$i@)8f$9$l$P$$$$$s$8$c$J$$$+$H;W$$N)$A$^$7$?(B. $B$b$N$G$9$+$i(B. <> (B FT232R $B$N(B CBUS $B$r(B IO $B%T%s$K(B This page (I2C (Deprecated)) was last updated on Nov 07, 2020. 4 ���cP �:&`d���(-pVp3|���ӊ$�P닄��Ђ�e�˕�ᥓ�v�+�B�c���2LJ`� C�L� USB-101(FT2232H)によるMPSSEを使ったI2C通信例: 2010/03/12- FTDIデバイスにはMPSSE(Multi-Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine)というモードが用意されています。 このモードを使用することによりシリアル通信(I2C、SPI、JTAG等)をエミュレートし、通信することが可能です。 使い方は int OpenDevice(char *= null) デバイスを開くする. 0000336783 00000 n (B LCD $B%b%8%e! 0000034458 00000 n 0000004659 00000 n 0000200681 00000 n 0000202835 00000 n 99���%�l ;1#Q] ]�P�����'d��je�'(EU�Ia��|�R��j�8�. 0000004549 00000 n (B. 0000005793 00000 n 0000008464 00000 n (B, $BCm0U(B!) 0000337004 00000 n (B ack $B$,5"$C$?$+$I$&$+$r$$$A$$$A(B ox $B$G3NG'$7$F$$$^$9(B). 0000003213 00000 n ft232h = FT232H.FT232H() # Create an I2C device at address 0x70. 最近実験でオペアンプを使って遊ぼう(白目)という項目をやったので、アンプと言ったらオーディオアンプだよね!ということで作ってみます。 %%EOF 0000003842 00000 n For example to read a 16 bit register value and write an 8 bit register value to the device the code might look like: That's all there is to using I2C with the Adafruit Python GPIO library and the FT232H board! 0000200911 00000 n but 'That's funny...'", This MPSSE page has been deprecated in favor of the much simpler Blinka support library which is documented here, CAN Bus with CircuitPython: Using the canio module, Adafruit Grayscale 1.5" 128x128 OLED Display, Use an art canvas to diffuse an RGB matrix, Cardboard Window Skull With Animated LED Eyes, https://learn.adafruit.com/circuitpython-on-any-computer-with-ft232h, interface on the Raspberry Pi Python I2C code, this tutorial which shows how to use the FT232H breakout with some Adafruit I2C devices, See this application note for more details on using libMPSSE-I2C. (B $BAaB.3:Ev$9$k%b%8%e!(B. 0000249067 00000 n FT232H.use_FT232H() Create an FT232H device instance. You can run the following script to enumerate all possible I2C devices, kind of like the i2cdetect command on Linux. $B>e. To use I2C with the Adafruit Python GPIO library and the FT232H board you'll need to setup your circuit in a special way. FTDI Chip製FT232HのBit Bangモードの速度測定とソフトウェアI2C通信 2015/08/30作成 従来よりFTDI Chip製USB接続RS-232C変換チップの上位モデルでは無償で公開されている専用のデバイスドライバを用いる事で、Bit Bangモードという機能が利用できるようになり、コンピュータ上でGPIOのように扱える … $B0z?t$G%7%j%"%k%J%s%P$r;XDj$7$FFCDj$N(B FTDI $B%G%P%$%9$r;XDj$9$k$3$H$b$G$-$k(B. Programming Microcontrollers using OpenOCD on a... Running PyPortal Code on Blinka with Displayio, CircuitPython Libraries on any Computer with FT232H. 2016/06/21. (B PC $BB&$O5$$K$+$1$J$/$F$$$$$h$&$G$9(B. $B%7%j%"%k%J%s%P$N. 0000021387 00000 n Please remember that this subscription will not result in you receiving any e-mail from us about anything other than the restocking of this item. $B$9$P$i$7$$(B! Luckily the MPSSE component of the FT232H can implement the I2C protocol so you can speak to these devices with the FT232H breakout.


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