At the time of this writing, the exit codes are: Unsupported protocol. FTP bad download resume. Maximum time in seconds that you allow the whole operation to take. 内容を修正します。, × manで表示される文章が日本語化される (FTP) Specifies a custom FTP command to use instead of LIST when doing file lists with ftp. Each -T + URL pair specifies what to upload and to where. There exists a bunch of different error codes and their corresponding error messages that may appear during bad conditions. FTP range downloads only support the simple syntax 'start-stop' (optionally with one of the numbers omitted). Starting with curl 7.10, all SSL connections will be attempted to be made secure by using the CA certificate bundle installed by default. If this option is used twice, the second will again switch on buffering. (FTP) Tell curl to disable the use of the EPSV command when doing passive FTP transfers. しかし、取得された内容に日本語が含まれている場合はweb\u5236\u4f5c\u306b\u304a\u3051\u308b\u30b9のように頭に\uがついた文字になってしまいます。 これはutf-8の文字コードだと思うのですが、これを日本語として表示させるにはどうしたらいいで … (FTP) When listing an FTP directory, this switch forces a name-only view. The given remote host was not resolved. Aborted by callback. The specified request will be used instead of the standard GET. speed_upload The average upload speed that curl measured for the complete upload. For curl-developers only! (Added in 7.10.8). Specify which type your --key provided private key is. Curl couldn't parse the reply sent to the USER request. If this option is used twice, the second one will disable append mode again. To store cookies, use the -c/--cookie-jar option or you could even save the HTTP headers to a file using -D/--dump-header! If you start the data with the letter @, the rest should be a file name to read the data from, or - if you want curl to read the data from stdin. This option requiures that the library was built with kerberos4 support. FTP couldn't use REST. FTP can't reconnect. (Aded in 7.10.5). (HTTPS) Forces curl to use TSL version 1 when negotiating with a remote TLS server. Supported options are: XDISPLOC= Sets the X display location. Specify the maximum size (in bytes) of a file to download. いろいろできるcurlですが、今回はHTTPリクエストのGETに絞って書いていきます。 仕事でAPIレスポンスを確認する作業があったので、それの備忘録も兼ねてます。 Operation timeout. curl公式HP, いろいろできるcurlですが、今回はHTTPリクエストのGETに絞って書いていきます。 Write the protocol headers to the specified file. 環境変数を確認してみます。, ターミナル起動時のデフォルトで設定したい場合は、 A function was called with a bad parameter. This command is used for resumed FTP transfers. This option requiures that the library was built with SSL support. 設定ファイル /etc/man.conf を変数しましょう。, 通常だとread-onlyになっているので、sudoで管理者権限にします。 This is used instead of setting a specific authentication method, which you can do with --basic, --digest, --ntlm, and --negotiate. The format is a string that may contain plain text mixed with any number of variables. If authentication is used, curl will only send its credentials to the initial host, so if a redirect takes curl to a different host, it won't intercept the user+password. Some badly done CGIs fail if its not set to "Mozilla/4.0". What is going on with this article? If this option is used several times, each occurrence will toggle this on/off. Curl couldn't parse the 227-line the server sent. ○ manで表示される文章が、英語版ではなく日本語版を表示するようになる, です。英語版のmanualテキストは既にmacに入っていますが、 See also the --random-file option. When used on a FTP or FILE file, curl displays the file size and last modification time only. This option overrides that variable. (SSL) Tells curl what certificate type the provided certificate is in. If this is used on a http(s) server, the PUT command will be used. This is useful for preventing your batch jobs from hanging for hours due to slow networks or links going down. (HTTP) Pass the data to the HTTP server as a cookie. This is not very common. See also --ntlm, --negotiate and --anyauth for related options. If this option is set more than once, the last one will be the one that's used. The second line (starts with "Protocols:") shows all protocols that libcurl reports to support.


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