In this post, we will explore how you can harness the power of Korean songs, and look at 11 great ones to start you off. FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. Start using FluentU on the website or download the app. The only help you can have are the entirely Korean lyrics. Here is an example of a test-like learning process that starts small but ends big. Click here to get a copy. It can serve as a good guide even when the Korean gets a bit fast-paced. 土/日曜日,祝日休み. ], 少女時代-OH!GG(GIRLS' GENERATION OH!GG) - 몰랐니(LIL' TOUCH) [Kihno Kit Album], TWICE - 1集 Repackage MERRY & HAPPY [Happy Ver. Do this for a couple of rounds. It is written from the perspective of a traveler, so you can encounter some vocabulary specific to navigational context. Indeed, you may not be a young lady hailing from old Korea, but the bucolic, dream-like nature of this timeless song makes it easy for any listener to slip into the shoes of a wandering, lovestruck traveler on a rugged trail. Please check your email for further instructions. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. This is a song to learn if you wish to convey genuine romantic angst in Korean. You’ll be shocked to see how much a single Korean song can be brimming with learning opportunity. Learners of all levels can enjoy this song for its relaxed beat and mild singing. You can also pick up on the multiple declaratives used in the song and analyze them yourself. There is also the use of the imperative in certain parts that you might want to note. ], テミン(TAEMIN) - 3集 NEVER GONNA DANCE AGAIN : ACT 2 [Cover Random], GFRIEND - 回:WALPURGIS NIGHT [My Girls Ver. You can’t expect to understand an entire song from the get-go; this is why you should take it slow. |2020年10月20日12時49分, ■イベント概要「~KEVIN's 1st ONLINE BIRTHDAY FANMEETING in Korea~」〇日時2020年11月22日(日)1部:11:00~12:10(サイン会:12:30~)2部:14:30~15:40(サイン会:16:00~)アーカイブは配信日翌日12:00~24時間、視聴可能※公演開始時間等は予告なく変更になる場合もございます。公演時間:70分〇チケットSILVER TICKET(オンラインライブ観覧)2,300円(税込)他にも特典つきチケットもあり。詳細はサイトにてご確認ください。チケット販売期間SILVER、VIP TICKET2020年10月20日(火)12:00~各公演開始時間までBONUS TICKET2020年10月20日(火)12:00~11月17日(火)24:00までチケット販売サイトFC LIVE公式サイト:部:部:〇お問合せ先FC LIVEお客様センターお問い合わせ専用LINEアカウント ID:@fclive(@アットマークから入力して検索してください)※対応時間11:00~18:00主催:(株)KJMUSIC ENTERTAINMENT■関連リンク公式サイト:, 元記事配信日時 : 2020年10月19日15時40分 QnA掲示板かEmailをご利用ください。 Besides that, you get a brief encounter with the past tense in the lyrics “봄이 왔네요” (pronounced bomi watneyo — “spring came”). Written as a kind of musing autobiographical account, the R&B/soul-styled “Yanghwa Bridge” reflects on Zion.T’s growth as a successful singer capable of supporting his parents and his visitation to a place that his father used to frequent in the past. Credit: Youtube. This is to hone your pronunciation and pick out any problem spots, for which you can listen again to get it just right. It is highly likely that after the first listen, you won’t forget much of what you heard due to the emotional weight (which is great for your recall of the lyrics themselves). The easygoing melody is matched with uncomplicated lyrics, interspersed with a few English words. 11 Korean Songs to Strengthen Your Vocal Cords and Language Skills “인연” (Fate) — Lee Sun Hee Used as the theme song for the well-known Korean film “The King’s Clown,” “인연” (pronounced in-yeon) tells the bittersweet story of a destined love that comes with wistful promises and lingering sorrow. You can add an educational flavor to your interests and learn bits of the language itself. Here’s one for the heartbreak lovers, and certainly, this song is good at more than just teaching you how to say “eyes,” “nose” and “lips” in Korean. It is easy to get attached to this song after hearing it only once. Overview of the events of 2011 in South Korean music, List of South Korean idol groups (2010s) § 2011, List of number-one hits of 2011 (South Korea), List of number-one albums of 2011 (South Korea), "We will keep evolving, regardless of our age: Super Junior D&E",, Articles needing additional references from September 2018, All articles needing additional references, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 03:41. Test #4: Sing the entire song to an instrumental, vocal-less version of it (aka a “karaoke” version). Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. (Download). The vocabulary itself is not very difficult and the phrases are simple. It is slow and melancholic as it reflects on a character who longs to be reunited with their beloved. HELLO, STRANGE PLACE [Strange Place Ver. can take anywhere. Starting point: Listen to the song with lyrics and translations right in front of you. That is, start with a small goal and advance with challenges that get progressively harder. Before you rush into your Korean music playlist, you might want to consider getting organized with your education. — “Why are you being like this?”). ミュージックコリアではk-pop関連商品をご自宅までお届け!hanteoチャート、gaonチャートに反映。安さ・貴重な商品の多さ・日本人スタッフ対応が当店の魅力!韓国で最も日本人のお客様にご利用頂いているショップです。k-pop商品のご購入・予約なら信頼と実績の当店にお任せ下さい。 ], TWICE - 1集 Repackage MERRY & HAPPY [Merry Ver. With Bigbang’s penchant for bumping beats and fast-paced action in their music videos, “Fantastic Baby” includes all the hallmarks critical to the genre. It takes on the perspective of an empowered female who stands strong even after a breakup, steadfast in her refusal to give in to the pleas of her former significant other. Infinite combines the hyperactivity of pop with the mellowness of traditional instruments in this song about a breakup that fails to keep the protagonist truly away from their lover. Yes, actually sing the song to the best of your ability. The connective phrasing also will help you build a sense of fluidity in your speaking. If you struggle to find Korean music, FluentU has you covered by handpicking a great bunch of music videos and audio clips, then providing captions, transcripts and learning tools for each. ミュージックコリアではK-POP関連商品を現地直送!HANTEOチャート、GAONチャートに反映。, 安さ・貴重な商品の多さ・日本人スタッフ対応が当店の魅力!韓国で最も日本人のお客様にご利用頂いているショップです。K-POP商品のご購入・予約なら信頼と実績の当店にお任せ下さい。, SUPER JUNIOR - Special Album Part.2 MAGIC, SUPER JUNIOR - Special Mini Album ONE MORE TIME [スペシャル版], SUPER JUNIOR - Special Mini Album ONE MORE TIME, TWICE - TWICEcoaster : LANE 1 [Apricot Ver. What’s great about this song is that it also contains some proper grammar, which can be quite lacking in the world of music. Our suggestion is to study with a step-by-step method. Girl group 2NE1 provides a reflective account of an individual wondering about the state of one’s ex-lover. There are not many verses, but the lyrics are wondrously nostalgic and dripping with feeling. We all love music, but how can it be such a good tool for learning? Which is why it makes plenty of sense to use it as a way to learn a language—especially Korean! First, let’s establish why music is so utterly fantastic for learning Korean. 2011 in South Korean music. This ballad, written and sung by one of the country’s most beloved female singers, is a celebrated hit with beautiful lyrics that can teach you some of the more poetic elements of the language. Bukan hanya di Korea Selatan saja, mereka juga punya begitu banyak penggemar di seluruh penjuru dunia. 10 Exciting Websites You Should Know About, More Feeling! Copyright © 2021 Music Korea All rights reserved. The enunciation of the words is very clear, even if the entire theme is quite emotional. ... Pencapaian tersebut memakan waktu satu tahun, 7 bulan, 16 hari dan 11 jam setelah music video MIROH dirilis pada 25 Maret 2019 pukul 12.00 KST lalu. You won’t have trouble singing along to the swaying melody, so it is a great way for newcomers to Korean music to ease into the heftiness of Korean-styled sorrow. Story-wise, Taeyang belts a song of a man yearning for a girl who has already left. ミュージックコリアではk-pop関連商品を現地直送!hanteoチャート、gaonチャートに反映。安さ・貴重な商品の多さ・日本人スタッフ対応が当店の魅力!韓国で最も日本人のお客様にご利用頂いているショップです。k-pop商品のご購入・予約なら信頼と実績の当店にお任せ下さい。 The process may be tweaked a bit for different songs. The slow and powerful enunciation of each word will make it easy for you to listen and repeat, following a beautiful melody. ], EPIK HIGH - WE’VE DONE SOMETHING WONDERFUL THE INSTRUMENTALS, DAVID CHOI - ONLY YOU [KOREA SPECIAL EDITION], TREASURE - THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER THREE [White Ver. | Have an addiction to wild K-pop music and dramatic music videos? Even if you memorize this song in its entirety, Ailee is a good artist in general to listen to if you want to keep up your song-learning curriculum. You can also learn how to say some pretty common phrases (“Let’s be happy” and “Don’t be sick”) in Korean. Despite its age and resonance with the country, there is little certainty of what “Arirang” itself literally means. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. music is so utterly fantastic for learning Korean, powerful in ingraining information in long-term memory, 5 Steps to Learning Korean Online in Your Pajamas, 4 Iconic Animations to Learn Korean with Cartoons, Easy Korean Short Stories: 5 Fab Sites for Readin’ in Korean, Wanna Learn Korean? The method of retrieval is powerful in ingraining information in long-term memory, so this test will be honing just that for your Korean language skills. Follow along and focus not on the beat, but on the words. It would be best to start learning this song with a good look at the written lyrics first, before catching up to the beat. Sung by a member of boy band Infinite, “Time” detracts from the fast-paced anguish of pop love songs. It is the song of a child who wishes for familial happiness and health. お昼 11:30 - 13:00   MV Kedua. Luckily, there is enough English speckled in the song to help you enjoy singing it. 元u-kissのケビンが11月22日(日)にオンラインファンミーティングとサイン会「kevin's 1st online birthday fanmeeting in korea」を開催する。 Much of the song’s theme of loneliness is portrayed as questions, so the lyrics can teach you the elements of how to phrase an inquiry in Korean. Test #1: Take out your mic and record your singing.


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